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‘Odyssey’ is a road movie that celebrates the best of British trad climbing. From the bold Northumberland sandstone to the raging sea cliffs of Gogarth, four World-class climbers (James Pearson, Hazel Findlay, Hansjorg Auer and Caroline Ciavaldini) embark on a road-trip to attempt some of the most fierce and inspiring routes in the UK. Cinematic filmmaking, cutting edge traditional climbing and a 7.5 ton converted truck – the Odyssey begins!

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    verrassend spannend

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    As a sport climber, I generally avoid trad climbing films, finding them slow and monotonous. That was never the case here, brilliantly shot, inspiring, and as I speak I’m looking in my wallet, checking for spare money to buy some trad gear!!

  4. :

    brilliant! nice characters, beautiful shots and really exciting. I hope to see more from you guys!

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    Excellent film, the attitude and feelings of the climbers in is so good , a great reflection of British climbing. Long live British trad!!

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    Excellent climbing movie with great shots and a good trad vibe! For future movies, I suggest to use “onsight attempt” or “flash attempt” instead of “onsight” or “flash” in the captions to avoid spoilers. Also, I would prefer to be able to donate money, e.g. via Paypal, instead of just having the choice between buying the movie or not. Thanks and keep it up!

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    Great film! What’s the opening song?

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    Great film, I’ve recommended it to all my friends.

  9. (verified owner):

    What a great movie, I have been away from climbing due to injury… now really want to get back out. Will also show this to my kids to help inspire them. Fantastic

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    A high quality well shot film but all in all a mixed bag-

    It shows some classic routes and some trully inspiring lines with some great climbers. The film displays what UK rock does best and some of the interviews provide good insight to the “mad british style”.

    Unfortunately though there are just to many pic-up shots and interviews which have been done before, I brought this film to watch climbing and I felt sold short and actually there appeared not enough climbing completed for the film and had to be bulked out.

    If you are new to climbing or get a understanding of the trad scene then I would highly recommend it, if your some one who has watched most other films, climbs through out the country or reads a lot. The save your pennies for your next UK trip.

    I do however love your yellow truck and want one!!!

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